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Does your theme comes with activation code?

All our themes and templates do not require an activation code to use the product. However, we develop themes for PHP scripts that require you to have a valid activation code before you can use their product. We do not provide an activation code for the script, as we expect your PHP script is purchased directly from the author.

How do I use the license that I got with my purchase?

You will receive a code in your order folder. You do not need to insert it anywhere. Please keep it in your records for any future inquiries from us. If you create a client project, you can either keep this code or you can send us an email using our contact page, and we will transfer the license to your client.

What is the difference between the Freelancer/Company/Enterprise licenses?

The Freelancer license is aimed at people who work on their own. It grants you the right to use the purchased product only for one project (either yours or for a client).

The Company license is aimed at agencies or larger teams. It grants you the right to create other licensed products base on the template that you purchase from us.

The Enterprise license is aimed at large companies with multiple projects. It grants you the right to create any kind of software, SaaS, digital products and sell them.

All the differences between the types of licenses are available here.

Do these themes work with WordPress?

These products are not WordPress themes. However, they can be integrated into WordPress by an experienced web developer.

What does the full code feature refer to?

It refers to the fact that you will get all of the PHP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS files of the template.

Are the images, fonts, and icons free to use?

The images, fonts, icons and every other creative element for each theme can be freely used in your project under our licensing terms. Although we might use premium fonts for styling purposes, they won’t be included in the end-product of your download.

What happens when my subscription expires?

At the end of this period, you will need to renew your license (renew the purchase again) to get support and updates.

What does the Free updates refer to?

Depending on your license type, you have a determined period when you receive product updates that include bug fixes and new features:

Freelancer license: You will receive Free Updates for 12 months. Company license: You will receive Free Updates for 12 months. Enterprise license: You will benefit from 24 months of Free updates.

What does the Tech Support refer to?

Depending on your license type, you have a fixed period when you can submit any ticket to us regarding product functionalities and bug fixes.

If you purchase the Freelancer license, you will receive support from us for 6 months. If you need 12 months of support, you will need the company license.

If you purchase the Enterprise license, you will benefit from 24 months of support. At the end of this period, you will need to renew your license (purchase the product again) to get support.

Why should i create an account for freebies?

It’s mandatory to create an account before you can download a freebie item, because we might provide free updates, new features and bug fixes.

Is my data safe in your site?

We promised our customers that we would never share their information with anyone. Woodthemes.comĀ is SSL protected, so no worries.

Does freebie comes with support?

No, you need to purchase a Freelancer license to get support from our ticket system.

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